123 Magic and Emotion Coaching

123 Magic offers a simple and effective way for parents to consider their children’s behaviour. The two main aims of the program are to increase children’s ability to self-manage, and to provide parents with practical, easy to use techniques to take action in difficult-to-manage parenting situations.

During the program parents consider and then develop their own set of “rules” for their specific situation based on their own family values. 

The teaching of emotional coaching skills is an integral component of the program, recognising the strong link in young children between emotion and behaviour. Techniques are introduced to help parents learn how to tune into their children and really “listen” and in so doing create more honest and enduring communication patterns. 

There are opportunities within the course to address family of origin issues gently exploring how our childhood experiences inevitably influence how we parent. Also incorporated are the issues of resilience, social skill development and relevant developmental challenges. 

The program runs for six hours, delivered in two sessions of three hours each. Parents are provided with a workbook to support their learning.


Engaging Adolescents

This course educates parents about their primary roles in parenting. It is based on current research in neuropsychology and an understanding of the developmental demands and tasks of adolescents.


The Engaging Adolescents program explores the common ground of parenting teenagers. Parents have the opportunity to reflect on what constitutes reasonable expectations of their adolescents and how these connect to their family values.

A strong focus is placed on building parents’ capacity to regulate their emotional responses to their adolescents’ behaviour and to consider how to engage with different types of issues. Building relationships is emphasised as well as the specific skill of how to have difficult conversations about challenging issues.

Engaging Adolescents empowers parents and gives them a framework for a deepened understanding of their role, along with practical applications. 

This program runs for six hours delivered in two sessions of three hours each. Parents are provided with a workbook to support their learning in the course.

Individual Consultations

Individual consultations are available by appointment.

We appreciate that some parents may wish to address their parenting concerns in a confidential one-to-one setting.  Parents may also wish to book a follow up session, having completed the ‘123 Magic & Emotion Coaching’ or ‘Engaging Adolescents’ course.